Common Questions

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Are you facing debt or bankruptcy and need the help of a debt relief specialist that can give you the assistance you need?

The Law Offices of Joe Barrett have the knowledge and experience you need to take the first step toward financial stability. Don’t keep worrying about whether you will be able to keep your home, possessions, vehicle, income and more. With years of experience and a wealth of resources, the Law Offices of Joe Barrett will craft a plan that finds you the financial relief you need. 


How can I stop these calls?

The filing of a bankruptcy gives you the protection of the court and stays (or stops) phone calls, lawsuits or garnishments.

How do I get my life back?

Debt problems can make you feel like you have reached the breaking point. Bankruptcy can give you a fresh start.

Will I lose my house?

No, you can stop a foreclosure by filing a Chapter 13 and can exempt your house in a Chapter 7.

How will I get to work?

Chapter 13 can stop repossessions. Chapter 7 allows you to keep or exempt most vehicles.

How can I afford an attorney?

For a Chapter 13, the court cost is $310 and the attorney fees can be included in your monthly trustee payment. For a Chapter 7, the court cost is $335 and the attorney fees start at $800, if you are under the median income.

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Stop garnishments. Stop lawsuits. Stop foreclosures. Stop repossessions. Stop harassment. Stop phone calls. Stop IRS.